Speculations Grow As Fans Spot LeBron James & Damian Lillard At WNBA Game

Published July 1, 2021 at 10:03
The Los Angeles Lakers are one of many teams in pursuit of Portland's star Damian Lillard, and rumors have been building up since the Blazers fell short in the first round to the short-handed Denver Nuggets.

Recently, NBA Twitter went crazy because LeBron James and Damian Lillard were spotted sitting courtside at the Los Angeles Sparks game.

The two were seen shaking hands and sharing a laugh, and of course people overreacted.

Does this mean anything? Absolutely not. But we very well know that NBA fans, especially Laker fans, are going to go wild seeing the two stars bond over a WNBA game.

LeBron has the reputation of recruiting stars, so fans are probably speculating that he is doing his best to bring Dame to L.A.

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