Scottie Pippen Calls Phil Jackson a Racist On 'Dan Patrick Show'

Published June 28, 2021 at 12:57
Scottie Pippen has been the topic of discussion lately after he openly took a shot at Kevin Durant when comparing him to LeBron James. He's also had beef with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

Now, Pippen has taken a shot at his former head coach Phil Jackson, calling him a racist on 'Dan Patrick Show' for allowing Toni Kukoc to take the final shot against the New York Knicks.

This one will certainly raise some eyebrows, as it seems very unexpected and controversial. There is obviously no proof that Jackson is a racist, so Pippen is making a huge statement.

Pippen has been airing out everything lately, and he is not holding back at all. It is almost reminiscent of Kwame Brown taking shots at everybody and letting out everything that bothered him during his year's in the NBA.
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