Kyle Kuzma's Latest Instagram Activity Fuels Trade Speculations

Published June 19, 2021 at 1:38
The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly expected to trade Kyle Kuzma, after delivering back-to-back years of sub-par seasons. He has been linked to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Sacramento Kings, and many believe this is the offseason he is finally dealt.

In the midst of all the rumors, Kuzma made a cryptic Instagram move that has raised trade speculations. He removed the Lakers from his Instagram bio.

It may not mean anything at all, but the timing is very strange and out of no where. There have been players who've done this before, and it led to absolutely nothing. However, there have been very few who've done this, and something actually happened.

In addition to this bio change, Kuzma limited his comments on Instagram, a move that was made a few days ago. He may have done that to avoid the extremely harsh slander he has been receiving from Laker fans.

Obviously, we cannot rely on cryptic social media moves as a source, but we've already seen that type of stuff from Montrezl Harrell, who showed plenty of disappointment in his role with the Lakers through cryptic Tweets and posts all over his social media which has fans thinking he doesn't want to return.

There still hasn't been any real buzz about a Kuzma trade but, as the offseason draws closer, the trade rumors will get louder.
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