Kevin Durant Fired Back At Scottie Pippen For Criticizing Him

Published June 25, 2021 at 1:23 PM
Scottie Pippen and Kevin Durant have created a new beef through social media, and it all started when Pippen made comparisons to LeBron James.

"KD, as great as his offense was, it turned out to be his worst enemy because he didn't know how to play team basketball. He kept trying to go punch for punch," Pippen said.

"Have you ever seen LeBron take a shot like that? He ain't gonna take that shot. He's gonna be smarter. He's gonna force a double. That's what KD wasn't able to do," he added.

Kevin Durant took offense and responded on Twitter.

He also added this:

It's obvious Durant was upset with Pippen's comments. He went at Pippen hard with harsh criticism.

The Brooklyn Nets were eliminated in the second round by the Milwaukee Bucks, and the very last shot by Durant was a tough turnaround that came up way short.

After Durant's back-to-back comments, Pippen fired back with a simple emoji Tweet.

That's the 'cool' emoji, as Pippen was basically trying to brush off what Durant had to say.
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