Josh Hart Rejects A Pistons Fan With Hilariously Simple Tweet

Published June 26, 2021 at 5:05 PM
Josh Hart will become a restricted free agent this summer, and he is strongly considering signing elsewhere. Wherever he decides to sign, the New Orleans Pelicans can match the offer to retain him if they choose to do so.

Considering Hart's desire to test the market, a Pistons fan suggested that he should sign with Detroit. Unfortunately for that fan, Hart rejected him with a simple and hilarious response.

We all know that tone. It's almost as if Hart is brushing off the idea and doesn't care about the Pistons at all. A simple translation is that Detroit has a zero percent chance of landing him.

Fortunately for this fan, the Pistons own the number one overall pick. I'm assuming that's much better for them than landing Josh Hart in free agency.
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