Golden State Warriors Could Make a Push For This Star

Published June 27, 2021 at 4:32 PM
The Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons' agent Rich Paul recently discussed the possibility of a trade after Simmons had a poor playoffs outing.

Would a deal get done? It's uncertain for now, and there are reports that Sixers still believe in Simmons and want to work on his shooting.

However, Stephen A. Smith has different beliefs. He had this to say on ESPN's 'First Take' on Friday:

"Here's the reality as it was reported, Rich Paul talked to the Philadelphia 76ers, and obviously, he's Ben Simmons' agent, so you're going to want some involvement. Didn't ask for a trade, but certainly if Ben Simmons were to be traded, he wants some say in where he goes. That's what the reality is. And in the end, Philadelphia is trying to claim that Philadelphia is not interested in moving Ben Simmons

"Let me tell y'all something, that's a damn lie. That's a damn lie. It's just that they're not interested in getting trash back for him. You make a solid, bonafide offer, the Philadelphia 76ers are going to consider it. I believe the Golden State Warriors are going to make a push for Ben Simmons, so keep your ears tuned, stay tuned. It's possible Ben Simmons could end up in Golden State."

It wouldn't make sense for the Warriors to trade anyone on their current roster for Ben Simmons, who doesn't exactly fit their personnel. With Klay Thompson returning some time early next season and Stephen Curry coming off an NBA caliber year, the Warriors wouldn't need a non-shooter like Simmons in addition to already having Draymond Green.

Nonetheless, Stephen A. Smith has a strong belief the Warriors will make 'a push' for Simmons, and he does indeed have some legitimate sources. The Sixers will definitely entertain some offers for Simmons this summer, but it would seem unlikely that he ends up in Golden State.
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