Damian Lillard's Latest Twitter Activities Suggest He Still Wants To Stay In Portland

Published June 28, 2021 at 6:56
Damian Lillard has been extremely loyal to the Portland Trail Blazers and their fanbase. He has talked about how he wants to end his career in Portland and enjoys playing for the organization.

But, after coming up short again in the playoffs, there has been strong belief around the league that the Blazers may consider rebuilding. After their tough loss to the shorthanded Denver Nuggets in the first round, Lillard voiced some frustration in the post-game press conference and on social media.

It had fans and NBA personals believing he would demand a trade soon. However, Lillard continues to show his loyalty to the Blazers. For what it's worth, he recently liked these Tweets.

Lillard doesn't seem to be the type of player that would publicly demand a trade. If he is going to be moved this summer, it would be because the Blazers want to rebuild, basically making a business move for their future.

It's highly unlikely that Lillard would stir up drama and force his way out like James Harden did in Houston.
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