76ers Fans Brutally Savage Ben Simmons With "Missing Person" Flyers In Philadelphia

Published June 18, 2021 at 7:49
After a horrific Game 5 performance by Ben Simmons, who merely had 8 points and shot 4-of-14 from the free-throw line, 76ers fans voiced their frustrations all over social media.

The Sixers blew a 26-point lead, as the Atlanta Hawks resorted to 'Hack-a-Simmons' in the fourth quarter which destroyed Philadelphia's offensive flow.

After Simmons' miserable night, fans began savaging him on social media, but the trolling didn't seem to stop there.

A 76ers fan took an image Thursday afternoon, which was a 'missing person' flyer of Ben Simmons posted on a wooden pole on the streets of Philadelphia.

On the flyer under 'Identifying Characteristics', it says "can't shoot free throws."

Imagine you're Ben Simmons, strolling the streets of Philadelphia, and you stumble onto this flyer. That has to definitely hurt to see that your fans are embarrassing you publicly.

Even fans during the game were savaging Simmons. Here is a video of a fan who was sitting under the Sixers basket, teaching Simmons how to shoot a free throw.

After that Game 5 meltdown, the Sixers will now have to go on the road to Atlanta in hopes of keeping their season alive. It'll be interesting to see how Simmons performs, and even more interesting to see if the Hawks resort to intentional fouling again.

Game 6 will be played Friday at 7:30 pm ET on ESPN.
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