5 Free Agents That Will Most Likely Be On The Move

Published June 30, 2021 at 12:34
NBA free agency begins August 2nd at 6 pm Eastern Time, and you could expect plenty of players to switch teams this summer. Although this year's free-agent class isn't deep, there are still a handful of top-notch players who would make a huge impact on playoff caliber teams.

5. Kelly Oubre

Kelly Oubre Jr. failed to remain consistent for the Golden State Warriors. With Klay Thompson returning from his injury, the Warriors will probably not prioritize Oubre. The Warriors are more focused on improving their roster via trade, and are rumored to have James Wiseman and this year's number 7 overall pick on the block. The Dubs are looking for an established All-Star level player, and they are reportedly interested in Pascal Siakam. Oubre doesn't seem to fit in their future plans, and it's likely that he signs elsewhere.

4. Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie opted out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent, with the belief that he will not re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Dinwiddie is reportedly looking to go back home to Los Angeles and might be targeted by either L.A. team, who could use a very solid backup point guard. From the sounds of it, Dinwiddie is uninterested in returning to Brooklyn because his role behind Kyrie Irving doesn't seem too enticing. He will also seek a lot of money, which the Nets would hesitate to pay.

3. Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder rejected a four-year, $80 million contract extension from the Los Angeles Lakers and betted on himself. Now, he is asking for $100-120 million in free agency. After a disappointing playoffs run, it is highly unlikely that the Lakers give him that price. If they do, it would only be because they are going to use him for a sign-and-trade. The Lakers are looking to make bigger moves. For example, they are one of many teams heavily interested in Damian Lillard. Should the Lakers have a chance at Portland's star, they will certainly use Schroder as a sign-and-trade asset.

2. Kyle Lowry

The Toronto Raptors went from champions to a lottery team in a couple of years, and it looks like they could head towards a rebuild after what happened during the trade deadline. They had Kyle Lowry on the trade block at the deadline but failed to find a deal. Now that he is a free agent, all signs point to Toronto allowing him to walk. The Raptors already showed their loyalty to Lowry by continuously giving him large deals, and Lowry repaid them with a championship. The time has come for him to move on.

1. DeMar DeRozan

Lowry's buddy DeMar DeRozan is also a free agent, and he will probably move on from the San Antonio Spurs as well. While DeRozan was still playing at a high level and was San Antonio's only star, the Spurs might not be too interested in bringing him back. He is getting older, and it is becoming more evident that he cannot be the best player on a championship team. Therefore, DeRozan could be the type of free agent this summer who leaves money on the table to chase a title. He would be a perfect third option on a championship caliber team.
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