4 Trade Destinations For Kyle Kuzma

Published June 18, 2021 at 11:55
After another underwhelming season, the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to trade Kyle Kuzma this offseason. Despite signing an extension during the year, Kuzma's deal is cap friendly at $13 million per year. Teams who believe in his talent and potential will definitely consider a trade.

4. Portland Trail Blazers

The only reason the Blazers would be on this list is if they decide to trade either Damian Lillard or C.J. McCollum and entertain offers from the Lakers. Rest assured, Kyle Kuzma will be part of any deal the Lakers would make with Portland to try and acquire Lillard. It may be unlikely, but the Lakers are one of four teams who have contacted the Blazers about his availability.

3. Washington Wizards

The Wizards could be another destination if they decide to trade Bradley Beal. Again, Kuzma will surely be part of any deal the Lakers try to make with Washington. The Lakers have also been linked to Russell Westbrook recently, but it may be a far-fetched idea. Nonetheless, if the Wizards decide to rebuild, Kuzma could use a fresh start on a team that would give him more playing opportunity.

2. Sacramento Kings

The Kings are one of two teams rumored to have interest in Kyle Kuzma. They are a young team with a ton of potential, and Kuzma would be a terrific fit. Additionally, Luke Walton coached him during his rookie season, which was Kuzma's best year by far. While Sacramento won't be highly aggressive in their pursuit of Kuzma, they are dubbed as a "team to watch" when it comes to a possible deal.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are the other team with interest in Kuzma. They are a rebuilding franchise, who continue to stockpile draft picks and young assets. They will probably have the most belief in Kuzma's talent, mostly because they will give him the opportunity to shine with extended minutes and shot availability. They just traded for Kemba Walker, who may still be moved and made available for a potential Kuzma trade.

Since the arrival of Anthony Davis, Kuzma has really struggled finding consistency off the Lakers bench since his touches and minutes have dropped. Even though his play has been abysmal the last two seasons, it may be mostly because of fit and usage. Kuzma is still very young and could easily show his full potential on a team that would increase his usage.
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